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Vinyl - Plank, Tile & Sheet

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Vinyl Sheet floors or resilient floors as they are also known, are normally manufactured in an unlimited styles and colors.

The evolution of today's vinyl flooring is the result of years of research and the development of innovative product technology.

Vinyl floors are available in an amazing selection of colors and styles. No other floor covering material offers the variety of colors and patterns of vinyl flooring.

Vinyl floors are soft and flexible, and compared to ceramic tile or hardwood are more comfortable to walk on.

The softness and flexibility of vinyl floor also reduces the possibility of breakage when plates or glasses are dropped on them.

 Carpet Depot carries products of many vinyl or resilient flooring manufacturers. 

Today's manufacturing processes make it possible to create vinyl flooring with the exact look and textures of ceramic tile, stone and wood grains.

Many brands of vinyl floors are manufactured in sheet goods, tiles, and planks. Sheet vinyl floors normally come in 6 and 12 feet wide. The primary advantage of vinyl sheet is that it is possible to be installed with few, if any, seams.

It creates an impervious surface throughout the entire area of a home. There are no crevices or cracks where moisture and dirt can collect.

This makes vinyl sheet the ideal flooring material for areas where protection from spillage of water and other fluids is an everyday occurrence and necessity.

 Because of its ease of maintenance vinyl sheet flooring is still a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals rooms and laboratories.

Vinyl or resilient flooring is also manufactured in square or plank tiles with unlimited colors, patterns and designs. 

Considering its low price point value vinyl tiles make a good economic choice for most rental properties.

Vinyl tile are made in various thickness.  As a general rule, the thicker the material, the longer it will keep its look for a longer period of time.

Vinyl tiles are also manufactured in an extremely tough quality which are called VCT (vinyl composition tile) which is widely used in shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals and warehouses.





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